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    Free VPN to Break Restrictions and Hide Your IP. Absolute Online Freedom with Best Online Security. Ultra fast, super safe & incredibly easy!


Free VPN for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Free Hide IP VPN brings convenience beyond description. It provides for anyone who needs VPN service anywhere, anytime: lovers of movies, world travelers, online game players, website owners... Have Free Hide IP VPN ready in your PC or laptop now and save tons of time, effort and money.


Safe & Secure Surfing Ever with Reliable Encryption

Free Hide IP VPN protects every step of the way surfing internet and visiting pages. It grants you peace in mind that all data you send and receive is encrypted, out the reach of vicious hackers, identity thieves, nosy snoopers, spies and even your ISP - none of them will be aware of what you do online.


Total Freedom with No Restriction or Limitation

Say goodbye to internet site blocking, filtering and various censorship! Now you can freely visit any websites, access P2P services and use VoIP apps and IM tools without concerning about regional restriction. The ultimate online freedom is just a simple click away - go visit any site you love.


Enjoy Online Movies, Music and All Media Worldwide

Want to watch YouTube videos but it's not allowed in the place you stay? Free Hide IP VPN can can break through the walls standing between you and your dreamy online life. Free movies, music and tons of other free media contents are waiting there while you can just use the free VPN to enjoy them all.


Enhance Your Business

Free Hide IP VPN can help you help you expand your business abroad, make communications and data transferring and sharing far more efficient as well as take the crew productivity to next level. Less limitation, faster business grow!


Why use Free Hide IP VPN

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What can you do with Free Hide IP VPN

How to Hide IP Address with Free VPN Service
How to Hide IP Address with Free VPN Service?

Free Hide IP VPN can not only provides VPN service anywhere anytime, but also can ensure you secure Web surfing experience with encryption of any information related to IP or VPN connection. [More...]

What is VPN? Some VPN Basics & How to Choose VPN
What is VPN? Some VPN Basics & How to Choose VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. VPN can be used to access region-restricted websites, shield your browsing activity from prying eyes on public WiFi, and more. [More...]

Why Change IP Address and Common Uses of VPN
Why Change IP Address and Common Uses of VPN?

VPNs are frequently used by travelers to access their business/home network while on the road, thus they can get all the local network resources they need without exposing these resources directly to the Internet. They can also access a Windows Remote Desktop and play games as if they were on the same LAN. [More...]

Ways to Change IP Address on Windows
Ways to Change IP Address on Windows

IP bans can be annoying and is there any way to avoid IP bans? Yes. There are many ways to change your public IP on Windows: you can reset your modem; connect with a different device; use a proxy; use a VPN; change IP address of your PC on the network. Changing IP can solve many online issues related to restriction and bans. [More...]

Differences between TCP and UDP
Differences between TCP and UDP

There are two types of Internet Protocol (IP) traffic. They are TCP or Transmission Control Protocol and UDP or User Datagram Protocol. TCP is connection oriented – once a connection is established, data can be sent bidirectional. UDP is a simpler, connectionless Internet protocol. Multiple messages are sent as packets in chunks using UDP. [More...]

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