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Why Change IP Address and Common Uses of VPN

Why do we need to change our IP addresses? What can we achieve if we change IP address? Via changing the IP address, you can:

Overcome a website ban based on IP;
Change identity to avoid online attack;
Register multiple account on a website;
Bypass connection-monitoring by your ISP;
Get round many other restrictions based on IP.

VPN is a very simple tool that can change IP address and help you do many other things. Here we list some common usages of VPN:

Access Business/Home Network While Travelling

VPNs are frequently used by travelers to access their business/home network while on the road, thus they can get all the local network resources they need without exposing these resources directly to the Internet. They can also access a Windows Remote Desktop and play games as if they were on the same LAN.

Hide Your Browsing Activity from Local Network

When using a public WiFi, your browsing activities on non-HTTPS sites can be visible to everyone nearby if they know how to look into what you are doing. Connecting to a VPN can hide your IP address for more privacy.

Access Geo-Blocked Websites

That's simple: if you want to use American media sites like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, etc. while you are abroad, you can connect to VPN located in the USA to access these region-restricted services.

Download Files

Some ISPs will throttle BitTorrent to make it very slow. Using VPN can help you bypass ISP limitation to download files via BitTorrent with faster speed.

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